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The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Architecture Program introduces its Portfolio Review, also known as Po.Re, which is a comprehensive term review of students’ projects to celebrate the accomplishments of the program’s design studios.

Po.Re is also an open design fair exhibiting the best works of the previous term meant to renew the motivations for Benilde Architecture’s design classes. It is an event that aims to spark collaboration, discourse, and new initiatives.

Enhancement of the Architecture Design Course as the program’s culminating subject.

  • Monitor the quality of the design classes through the exhibition of the best student works. This ensures that ARCDES world are leveled to professional and exhibition standards.

  • Inspire a culture of design and innovation in each of the design classes by allowing the mentor to propose a manifesto or agenda that becomes the theme of the studio for the term or the year.

  • Through the different agendas, we encourage diversity of the studios based on the expertise and design sensibilities of the mentor who is also a practicing architect.

  • The review and exhibition will allow learning and sharing of ideas and collaboration through open discussion.

  • PO.RE will set the benchmark and aspiration for the students as only the best works are showcased as the school’s best representation of its pedagogy. It should also inspire design studios that lack the motivation to pursue better teaching methodologies or design direction.

  • Compare students’ works with the goal of improving mentor’s design teaching methods, students’ visualization techniques, students’ public speaking kills, and inspire a studio to pursue an agenda.

  • The mentor acts as a design coach of the student as they mount together their showcase. The student output will serve as a demonstration of the learning outcome of the subject while the mentor, as a co-curator, will simulate collaborative work amongst professional colleagues in the industry. This scenario enhances the Learner-Centeredness of the activity.

  • Steer ARCDES projects that either meet the aspirations of the school, vision of the dean, the faculty members, students and the architecture industry.
  • The exhibition and review is the best venue to celebrate the collective vision and direction of the Architecture Program.

  • Works are screened carefully by each studio and this establishes that only the best projects belong to the official school portfolio.

  • The archiving of the portfolio through the CSB’s data bank will follow and serve as reference for future research of the members of the program. PO.RE is another form of screening and ensures that only quality and the best works will be part of the CSB’s data bank. Information stored can be used as portfolio materials for the envisioned Benilde Architecture Website.

  • Start recording of students’ works to demonstrate the general goals and sensibilities of the program that represents a time period. This also creates the timeline of Benilde Architecture’s history of design explorations allowing future generations of the academe to map design cycles or gestations.

Building the Benilde Architecture Portfolio of Students’ Works.

Set Benilde Architecture Program as an epicenter of design intelligence in the country.

  • Allow sharing of ideas not just within the SDAAR community but make the school strengthen its relationship with the surrounding community, design industry, architectural schools, and professional organization.

  • Serve as a platform that ambitiously launches new design trends or ideas, research directions, methods of visualization, historical reviews and theoretical explorations.

  • Formally establish the school’s commitment to the advancement of architectural design intelligence in the country.